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Order your Conductive Teflon Hose assembly

Please select your correct diameter hose.  The hose diameter is determined by the type of fitting the hose interfaces with.  A -3 diameter hose will interface with an AN3 fitting (Ex. 816-3D).  A -4 diameter hose will interface with an AN4 fitting, etc…..  Below is an easy way to determine what size your existing hose is.  Place a wrench on the Nut on the hose.  

Wrench Size 3/8= -2

Wrench Size 7/16 (Straight) 1/2 (Angled Fittings) = -3

Wrench Size 9/16 = -4

Wrench Size 11/16 = -6

Wrench Size 7/8 = -8

You will have a choice of 1. Plain Braid,(all sizes) 2. Firesleeve,(All sizes)…. For -3 hose with firesleeve, online ordering not yet available., and 3. Clear Coated Hose (-3 and -4 only).  

Jump size fittings-  If you have a -3 or a -4 hose and need to “upsize” your fitting on one end, we have available the option to build a -3 hose with a -4 str/45/90 fitting on one end.  We can do the same with a -4 hose that requires a -6 size “Jump” fittings.  

UPDATE:  AS OF 9-14-19  this page should be compatible with Iphone/Ipad ordering.  Please let us know if you run into any issues so we can address them.