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At Aircraft Specialty, our goal is to make life easier for our fellow builders.  While building our last few aircraft, we realized that properly built cables are something that is extremely important, but is also something that can be difficult to achieve.  Without the proper tools to crimp on your fittings, you can’t be sure that your cables will stand the test of time.  You may be asking yourself, “WHY BUY THESE CABLES?  SHOULD I MAKE MY OWN?”

Our goal is to make this process easy for our customers.  We have developed an interactive application that allows you to “build” your cables on the website.  It then gives you an instantaneous quote and allows you to order your cables directly.  

It couldn’t be easier.  We ask that you plan your order for a shipping lead time of 5-7 business days, even though we often are able to ship quicker.

Go ahead and give us a try.  Aircraft Specialty builds the Highest Quality Custom battery  and Coax cables for experimental aircraft.  CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE OF OUR BATTERY CABLES

Please select the cable that you like below and then follow the interactive application to build it.  Please note that we offer the #2 battery wire in two configurations.  One has two fittings crimped on and is ready to go.  The second has only one fitting crimped on. We realize that #2 gauge wire with both fittings crimped on may not fit through the grommets in your airframe.  So, we have developed a kit where we include one fitting crimped on, and then include a very high quality terminal and all necessary items to solder it on with a  special fastening system.  We will still cut your cable to length and have it all prepped to go.  All you have to do it feed it through your fuselage, and follow the simple directions to attach the second terminal.  We take the work out of it by having done the research to make sure you are getting the highest quality components.