Our stainless braid conductive teflon hoses are extremely high quality and produced by a manufacturer that is well known in the Aerospace industry.  These hoses are impervious to all types of fuel without having to worry about hose degredation. In addition, our -4, -6 and -8 hoses have a conductive liner manufactured into the hose which provides an electrical path to the fittings on the end. Essentially, the conductive teflon hose is able to dissipate static electricity buildup that can exist when fuel flows through a hose. This is something that is normally only found on high end certified aircraft hoses. We feel it is important, because it adds an extra margin of safety to your aircraft, and also prevents static discharges from eventually creating little pinholes in the hose.

Please note that our -3 hoses are not conductive teflon, because there is not enough fluid flow through them to warrant the dissipation of static electricity. They are typically used as primer or brake lines in aircraft, or as brake lines on race cars.

Finally, our hoses are covered on the outside with a stainless braid wire which give them a working pressure rating of over 20 times what you will see in your aircraft.   All hoses undergo a hydrostatic proof test before they leave our shop to give you peace of mind. This is something that not all manufacturers do, as it is time consuming. However, we recognize that a hose failure can be catastrophic, so we check each and every one before it leaves.

For planning purposes, the minimum recommended Bend Radius for our hoses are as follows:

-3 Hose (2 inches) / -4 Hose (2 inches) / -6 Hose (4 inches) / -8 Hose (5.25 inches)

Measure tip of Fitting to tip of Fitting

The Video below shows a hose failure of a rubber lined hose

that was flying on an aircraft and began seeping fuel/fumes into the cabin.  This is why we ONLY build

Hoses out of the highest quality Conductive Teflon.