Our hose assemblies are built to the highest standards using state of the art CNC self adjusting crimping machines.  After assembly, each hose undergoes a hydrostatic proof pressure test and is then data tagged with pertinent manufacturing data.

We recognize that not all manufacturers take these steps, but a hose failure on an aircraft can be catastrophic, and so we take every extra step to ensure the safety and longevity of your assemblies.

These hoses are impervious to all types of aircraft fluids without having to worry about hose liner degredation.  In addition, -4 and larger size hoses have a conductive liner which is important for the application in which these diameters are utilized.

When planning your installation, use the minimum bend radius below for hose routing planning purposes.  These are conservative numbers to ensure you don’t accidentally kink your hose.  Some OEM/Hose Kit  installations have been tested to tighter specs and are approved for use if following manufacturer guidance.

-3 Hose (2 inches) / -4 Hose (2 inches) / -6 Hose (3 inches) / -8 Hose (3.5


Measure tip of Fitting to tip of Fitting

The Video below shows a hose failure of a rubber lined hose

that was flying on an aircraft and began seeping fuel/fumes into the cabin.  This is why we ONLY build

Hoses out of the highest quality Conductive Teflon.