We offer conductive teflon fuel/oil line retrofit kits for a variaty of engines.  We utilize standard 37 degree flare fittings which mate with our hoses to provide you with a complete retrofit solution that is of extremely high quality and doesn’t have a mandatory replacement at a set time interval.

Experience has shown us that our hoses are lighter than the hoses that are being replaced on your aircraft, even with the stainless fittings and stainless braid.  In addition, we are able to fit in a lot more compact area with better bend radii and flexibility.

We currently have complete installation packages for multiple aircraft and engine types. However, if your aircraft is not listed in our “Custom Products” section, please contact us and we will work to adapt the hoses for your plane.

ZENITH 701 Rotax Custom Fuel Kit
912 Conversion Fittings
Rotax 912 Fuel Block
Kitfox 912 Partial Custom Package
Dave Gamble Fittings labeled.JPG Fuel Hose off engine.JPG
ZENITH UL Power 350is Installation Kit
Highlander Kit Thermostasis 912
Rans S6 Kit Thermostasis 912
Rans S7 Kit Thermostasis 912
ZENITH 750 Rotax Custom Fuel Kit
John Jones RV12 3.JPG Zenith 701 fuel package.jpeg Kitfox.jpeg Zenith 750 Fuel and Thermostat Package.JPG Zenith UL Power 350is Installation.JPG Highlander Complete Thermostasis Package.jpg Rans S6 Thermostasis complete.JPG Thermostasis S7.jpg Thermostasis on top.JPG