A finishing component to our hoses is our firesleeve. This firesleeve fits over our stainless hoses and is secured by stainless steel bands. It provides added protection for our firewall forward hoses against breach due to a fire.

Our standard firesleeve meets AS1072 Certification standards and is marked as such.

What differentiates us from the competition is how tightly our firesleeve fits your hoses. While a lot of hose assemblers use a loose firesleeve (because it is easier to install), we install your firesleeve prior to crimping on the second fitting. This allows us to use firesleeve that fits very tightly to your hose and gives you a really nice looking installation.

We are now also offering an INTEGRAL FIRESLEEVE HOSE option.  This hose is the same quality as our standard hose, but with a Premium silicone extruded Cover and Silicone Cuffs over the collars.

Firesleeve is an extremely integral safety component, and we recommend it for ALL hoses that are forward of the firewall. This will give you piece of mind that in the event of a fire in your engine compartment, your hoses will remain intact rather than pouring raw fuel onto the fire.

Typically there is no reason to firesleeve hoses aft of the firewall.

Hoses Ready for Finishing.jpg

Above are some of our Standard Firesleeve hoses that have just been completed and are awaiting pressure testing and fire sleeve banding.


Below are our premium Integral Firesleeve Hoses complete and ready for shipment to our customers.

Integral 1.jpeg