Panel Pricing and Discounts

At Aircraft Specialty Flightlines, we are homebuilders and realize the importance of keeping our pricing economical while not sacrificing on quality.  

Our pricing is extremely competitive for the quality of service and the product that you receive.  In order to eliminate cost overruns, our pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE and transparent.

Standard Pricing is as follows:

EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT: $2295 for a single piece panel.  Each additional panel is $795.  As an example, a two piece panel would be $3,090 plus shipping costs.

CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT: $3795 for a single Piece Panel.  Each Additional panel is $950.  A 2 piece certified panel would be $4745 plus shipping costs.  The additional costs for certified panels include reverse engineering of structural components and other items that are not required to be done on panels for experimental aircraft.

Panel Services Optional Add-ons

CNC Panel Bending: $95 - If you require one or more bends at the bottom of your panel, the additional cost of bending the final panel is $95.

Laser etched labeling proof: $195.  This is a physical piece of laser etched plastic that can be used to visualize the label positioning over the actual aluminum panel.

Carbon Fiber Overlays: Price Varies.  We are able to produce carbon fiber overlay panels out of true carbon fiber (not veneer or print) that will give your panel a very high end look.

Panel Services Optional Laser Etched self Adhesive Overlay Placards

Laser etched self adhesive overlay placards are an alternative to the typical screen print labels that we use for panels.  These placards are a fantastic looking way to create a more cost effective panel by eliminating a lot of the manual labor (and costs) involved with our traditional labeling methods.