There are many aircraft kit manufacturers that use regular rubber automotive fuel hoses and barbed fittings.  As you build your aircraft, it is often easier to just use the rubber hoses because you may not know about the alternatives that exist.

Retrofitting these high quality fuel hoses isn’t that difficult if you know what to look for. Installing them in an aircraft during your build is even easier.  If you have these hoses, you will never worry about the integrity of your hose.  

We love hoses and as builders, we always welcome any questions that you may have. We don’t just say this.  We mean it.  We have literally spent hours on the phone with some of our customers to help them get their hoses perfect for their application.  We want to make sure that everyone who wants high quality teflon hoses in their aircraft receives the support and the answers to the questions that they need.  We will work with you from start to finish until your project is complete.

Here are some common questions and answers:

1.  Can I use barbed fittings with these hoses?: No, these hoses are designed to interface with AN fittings.

2. Do I need firesleeve Firewall Forward?: We highly recommend it as it protects the hose from breach during a fire in your cowling

3. Can I run the hose through a grommet in the firewall?:  We have seen people run rubber and stainless hoses directly through a hole in the firewall.  This can cause abrasion on the hose over time.  Most importantly, it is a hole that flames could go through.  The correct way to mount a hose through the firewall is to use a stainless AN fitting with a hose on the back end and a hose on the front end.