Our fittings are another place that differentiate us from the competition.  We use stainless steel fittings on our hoses instead of aluminum ones.


Stainless steel fittings have two distinct advantages over aluminum ones.  First off, they are much stronger than the same size aluminum fitting.

Secondly, in the unlikely event of a fire, aluminum has a much lower melting point.  The stainless fittings will protect against the fire much better.  This will give you extra time to manage the situation without having a breached fitting that will dump extra fuel onto the fire.  

The final item to be aware of is flare angle.  Our fittings are all true 37 Degree flare fittings.  This means that they are designed to fit perfectly with the AN fittings that are used in your aircraft.  Some automotive hose manufacturers that do experimental aircraft hoses use a different flare angle.  The truth is that the pressures that we run in these hoses are relatively low, so you might not see any leakage.  However, we feel that it is important to have a product on the market that is specifically designed for aviation purposes.