Aircraft Specialty and TS Flightlines have  developed a complete RV-14 cabin hose package that will serve as a complete “drop in” package for all the RV-14 cabin brake and fuel lines.
This hose package can be purchased as a standalone fuel line package, brake line package, or as a combination of the two.  Here is the deletion list for Std Fuel/Brake Components.
The Cabin Brake Line Package (Picture) includes all required AN fittings and is offered for both the RV-14 and the RV-14A.  It is offered in standard configuration as well as for a parking brake installation.  Please note that this package is hoses and fittings only and does NOT include the parking brake valve.  The hoses are all covered in a clear abrasion covering and have a 10 year warranty.  See photo gallery and manual for more details.  We also have available Beringer Configurations.  Example (RV14 Tailwheel with Anti Skid and PB valve)
As a Beringer dealer, we have a proprietary package with Beringer that allows us to offer you all the Beringer components minus the “do it yourself” brake lines that are normally included with the kit.  If you purchase the Complete Beringer components and hoses from us, you will end up with a complete kit for cabin and gear legs with ONLY the components you need to complete your Beringer install with pre made and tested hose assemblies.  Here is a general “deletion list” to omit from your Vans order when doing Beringer components.  It is for the TW.  For the 14A, you’ll want to also delete the nosewheel assembly.  The upgraded Beringer nosewheel is included in our complete 14A kit.  If you’ve already ordered all the Beringer components, and only want hoses, then order the “Beringer Cabin Hose Kit” for prebuilt and tested hose assemblies.  If you have already ordered Beringer components and are only looking for the hose kits, you will need to order the cabin and gear leg hose kits separately.
The Fuel Line Package (Picture) includes one flex hose and 3 rigid tubes bent with a computerized bending machine.  The rigid fuel lines are made of 5052 aluminum for a higher strength than the standard 3003 aluminum in the kit.  This package is offered for 3 configurations…  1. Std Andair Valve (included in kit)  2. Type 7 Andair Valve, 3. Duplex valve configuration (SEE SEPARATE PRODUCT PAGE ON RV-14 PRODUCTS)
We also offer a Gear Leg Package which includes two gear leg hoses, AN fittings, adel clamps and hardware to install.  We support the standard configuration as well as Nosewheel  and Tailwheel Beringer Installations.
We also offer a fuel line rigid tube package for the wings which will include the two tubes that go from the fuselage to the wings.  
Optional PB Cable Mount Kit -   Designed for Beringer Valve, but can be adapted to Cleaveland Valve by slightly drilling out the holes.  Includes machined billet bracket, PB Cable in red or black, Bowden Clamp and B nut. $174.95
RV-14 Cabin Hoses, Brake Lines, and 
Rigid Tubes. Lifetime Warranty

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